less is

  • freedom
  • better design
  • happiness
  • no check-in bag
  • peaceful
  • animal-friendly
  • minimalism
  • a future
  • the most versatile shoes are...

  • go with everything

  • We believe in a future in which we will own fewer things. Our things will be designed to last longer and to do more. We'll stop judging each other based on what we wear, and then we will start to see each other more clearly. 

    We also believe the people who own fewer things are happier, are better dressed, and have a smaller environmental footprint. 

  • knit to fit

    Each knit upper is constructed to shape perfectly around any foot. This allows for Glyphs to be perfectly sleek and comfortable in a way that leather shoes cannot.

  • knit to last

    Glyphs are knit using the latest robotic knitting technology. By using complex knit patterns and a blend of fibers, Glyphs are designed to outlast leather.

  • knit to drip

    Glyphs are knitted with a blend of fibers that is both water resistant and washable. Wear them in the rain. Wash them in running water or in a washing machine.

  • knit to breathe

    The Glyph upper is highly breathable and the insole of each shoe is treated with an antimicrobial coating. Wear Glyphs with or without socks without worrying about the smell.

Glyphs on Stage

18 months. 20 prototypes. An animal free future for commerce. 

We set out to prove that we can do much better than leather - for the planet, and for our shoes.

This mission gave our small team the motivation to work tirelessly over the last 18 months to build something far superior to any leather shoe. We figured out how to work with the latest digital knitting technology out there, and then we pushed the envelope. We designed prototype after prototype, perfecting every detail along the way. The result is a shoe that fits perfectly into our days and nights. It's uniquely beautiful and incredibly easy to maintain.

Over the course of this journey, we have learned that we can inspire people who currently have no interest in an animal free lifestyle to change their habits. We can encourage them to do the best they can without judgment. We can make animal free commerce a permanent fixture of our collective consciousness by making it fun and exciting. 

This philosophy is our version of #OpenRescue. 


1. keep the box

2. when your glyphs have worn out send them back to us so we can recycle them 

3. choose any new pair for 20% off

4. do a little dance. make a little impact.