The two of us started Glyph to escape to a world with fewer and better things.

Thank you for coming along ❤️


Pranav and Alan

Beauty is Presence

Glyphs were created to fit perfectly into our days and nights - no matter what we wear, what we do, or who we do it with. We designed them that way so you focus on the important parts of life.  We hope that when you wear them you are just a little bit more present in each moment.

Real Tech. For IRL.

Glyphs are constructed with digital knitting tech to perform in any environment. Wear them no matter where you are or what your day brings.

You Experience

We don’t just talk about sustainability - we live it. We design every product we sell to be 100% recyclable. When you're done with a Glyph product send them back to us. We'll take it from there.