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A digitally knit shoe that shapes perfectly around every foot.
A digitally knit shoe that shapes perfectly around every foot.

Recommendation: Normal feet, go half size up. Wide feet, go full size up.

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The Development Team


Designers: Patricia Siman, Saumya Sharma, Andy Yu

Materials Engineer: Alan Lau

ethically crafted
long lasting
animal free

One Pair 💓

Digitally Knit Upper

Glyph uppers are knit with cutting edge tech to fit and breathe perfectly. They're soft and comfy, but built to last. Our uppers are water resistant - wear them in rain or shine.

The Insole

Our insoles are constructed with recycled materials, and provide sneaker like support. Each insole has copper lining to kill bacteria so you can wear them with or without socks.

The Outsole

Glyph outsoles are constructed with high performance rubber to give you enough support - even if you are on your feet all day long.

Water Resistant

Machine wash them. Wear them them to the beach or in the rain.

Carbon Responsible

Glyphs have less than half the carbon footprint of a pair of leather loafers. 🌍

I've worn them to work, to the beach, and to a wedding. It feels like I get them compliments on them no matter where I go.


Took some Glyphs and 4 other pairs of shoes on a weekend trip to Rhode Island. Didn't even need to take the other shoes out of my suitcase.


These shoes are exceptional. Wearing them, I feel like I’m wearing my comfy slippers. And they look stunning. The whole family has them now.


Customer Reviews

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I have overshot the minimist credo by two.
They are very comfortable

Mark Letoski
Awesome shoes

I really love these shoes
Very comfortable and stylish

AJ Leto
True Love

I am often without words to describe my Glyph Knit Loafers!!! I just tell people to buy them quickly.

I am wearing my Rhino Grey ones right now as I type. I am feverishly waiting for the Mustang Brown color to become available.

The Glyph Knit Loafer offers the comfort of smart looking dressy shoes and the barefoot comfort of house slippers.

I highly recommend the Glyph Knit Loafer for every business person. I walk 15 minutes from a parking garage to my office and use plenty of stairs throughout the day and my feet thank me at the end of the night.

Thank you Glyph Makers and People!!!


Andrew Chick
Comfortable and Classic

I just recently purchased my second pair (for my wedding day!) and couldn’t be happier with these shoes. Sleek, comfortable, reliable. I get more compliments on these shoes than any other I’ve ever worn. The customer service is incredible and matches the quality of the product. Thanks for being a part of my big day.

Michael Loftus
Never had a more comfortable pair of shoes

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