#OpenRescue V2

Welcome to commerce 2.0 -  the version people love 

We started Glyph to change the way people think about the things they own. We want them to know that as a civilization we have to learn to consume fewer things in order to save the climate and to preserve our clean water reserves, as well as to protect the animals we love. 

We believe in more product development and less hype, in design over fashion, and in a future where we are no longer defined by the things we own. 

This philosophy is our version of #OpenRescue

Team Glyph: Pranav Sachdev & Alan Lau  

We are deeply grateful to all the people who together have spent hundreds of hours giving us design feedback and testing our shoes. They include: 

Tosin Adeniji, Sean Ahluwalia, Martin Alonzo, Dill Ayres, Nicole Bayard, Jaya-Birch Desai, Colleen Brisport, Jenna Carroll, Delia Casa, Emi Chen, Steven Chen, DJ Chung, Laura de la Parra, Rachel Gou, Aamer Hassanally, Irene Ibidapo, Rishav Kanoria, Lacey Kim, Rebecca Kim, Leah Kirts, Victoria Kirts, Jamie Lee, Ben Legman, Joe Mani, Jeff Myers, Mitchell Napolitano, Yuna Oh, Christina Papillo, Somac Roy, Carol Schneider, Suzannah Schneider, Luis Serota, Atul Soni, Albert Tong, Henna Wang, Henry Wang, Sandy Woodruff

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